The Singles line

The exclusive Singles champagnes of Tange-Gerard are made with Chardonnay grapes from our micro region around the village of Soulieres in one specific year. They taste their year as this has expressed itself through the grapes.

The identity of our plots differs from the lower part of the Cote des Blancs due to elevation, composition of the soil and climate. Likewise, we grow rather old vines in a way that produces low yields with more concentrated juices in the grapes. We choose perfectly healthy grapes when they have obtained the best maturity for champagne and after the pressing, we use the finer first press must only - the cuvée – to elaborate the Singles champagnes. The rest is mainly the work of time, in the caves.

We disgorge the Singles champagnes in small lots and dose them little or not, according to their current development. The date and the dosage is handwritten on the backlabel of each bottle together with its unique consecutive number.

Simply put, a Singles champagne is a way to appreciate a special moment differently.



Solliage is very pure, very fresh and has a lot of edge. A blanc de blancs, made with 100% Chardonnays from the unusually late year of 2013. Made in a limited amount of 3.000 bottles only.


Solliphere is a pleaser with its natural balance between sweetness and moderate acidity that mirrors its year, 2014. It is a blanc de blancs, made with 100% Chardonnay grapes from one specific plot.