Let's make 2019 a happy year

Champagne is one of the most famous wines worldwide. It is also a very traditional region in Northern France, where winemakers understood how to keep wines deliciously relevant for hundreds of years by constantly reinventing it. This combination of tradition and creativity is also the key for our work.

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Solveig Tange
Harvest 2018 : Superbe, magnifique or put simple : just zen

5.000 kiloes of grapes. This is the weight, that has passed through the hands of each picker in average at our place. It gets close to double of an ordinary year. That is like any other year than 2018, where absolutely nothing has been neither normal nor ordinary in Champagne. The seven days of grape harvest at Champagne Tange-Gerard were Zen. Simply put.

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Norgaard Mikkelsen