tange-gerard tradition demi-sec

Here is the Tradition champagne in the sweeter demi-sec version. A richer dosage enhances the freshness of the Chardonnays and the body of the Pinots with a gentle touch of sweetness.

Otherwise made in the traditional style where wines from different plots and years are combined, bottled and matured slowly in cool cellars before the dosage decides for the final taste.

Here is the obvious choice to combine with dishes that work with a softer touch. This champagne has its natural place at the end of the meal, where its sweetness will accompany your desserts nicely if these are neither too rich on sugar nor too acid from certain fruits.

Tradition demi-sec from Tange-Gerard is easy to appreciate, also when you are less accustomed with the pleasures of champagne.

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Download the fact sheet and read more about the blend, the vinification and how to serve.

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