tange-gerard tradition brut

Our Tradition champagne is based on freshness and elegance of the Chardonnay-grape structured with a bit of Pinot grapes for the body and the roundness of the blend. Furthermore, some older Chardonnay-wines add maturity to create a more complex combination of flavours between the wine of the year and the older wines.

These older reserve wines allow us to create the same taste - almost - year after year, even when years are very different when it comes to climate. Such is the tradition in Champagne. 

At Tange-Gerard, this champagne honours the art of blending followed by slow maturation in cool cellars: the Méthode Champenoise. Like this our Tradition stays friendly yet elegant, whether you want it to break the ice at a bigger reception or to fit into your aperitif or starter with for instance seafood or white fish.

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Download the fact sheet and read more about the blend, the vinification and how to serve.

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