tange-gérard selection

Selection is the absolute top of the classic range of Tange-Gerard. It is made with the best Chardonnays from selected plots in a single year which makes it a vintage champagne.

Grapes of the best quality are crucial to achieve the best possible wine that time will transform into this rich champagne. Floral and fruity flavours and tastes are complemented by more mature ones from the fermentation and the long aging. This is a surprisingly powerful yet delicate wine with a taste that seems to last forever until a pleasant mineral sensation will round off the experience with an elegant, long and fresh finish.

This champagne is perfect for everything you want it to be: The aperitif obviously but you may also want to invite it at your table where it will cover a big range of different treats all the way from seafood to duck.

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Download the fact sheet and read more about the vintage, the vinification and how to serve.

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