tange-gerard Rosé d'Assemblage

The perfect glass for lovers of Chardonnay freshness gone red. Our Rosé d’Assemblage is a blend of mainly Chardonnay grapes with red wine, made with Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from our area around Soulieres and Vertus.

An interesting transformation happens, as these two wines meet each other in the bottle and develop their relationship in the cellars. They become something more: A new combination of elegance and freshness from the white wine united with other sensations. The red wine leaves flavours of red fruits in the blend that remains very fresh. This is the trademark of the Chardonnay grape, after all the major player in the champagne.

The delicately coloured Rosé d’Assemblage from Tange-Gerard will fit your aperitif with friends or at a bigger party as well as with a big range of dishes based on seafood, fish or some white meats.

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Download the fact sheet and read more about the blend, the vinification and how to serve.

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