tange-gerard noirs & blancs

The Noirs & Blancs champagne turns our local tradition upside down. In this blend, the Pinot Meunier grape is in the spot light and the Chardonnay grape takes the supporting part for a change. The mix of approximately two thirds of black grapes and one third of white grapes shows the difference between Pinot and Chardonnay grapes.

This Tange-Gerard champagne is round and bodied and its rich taste of fruits is followed by a pleasant freshness. However, neither the Noirs nor the Blancs will dominate the blend very distinctively.

This is a champagne where cooperation between equals is more important than individual performances. Technically a vintage as no older reserve wines enter the blend. The Noirs & Blancs is a great all-round champagne on its own, with finger food of different kinds, charcuterie or a well matured Brie de Meaux.

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