tange-gerard Blanc de Blancs

The Blanc de Blancs from Tange-Gerard is a white champagne made of 100% Chardonnay grapes.

This kind of wine is why the Cote de Blancs region is so appreciated by champagne lovers. It shows a wonderful freshness with rich layers of different floral, fruity and toasty aromas and flavours that you may discover when you appreciate the champagne. At the time of grape harvest, the translucent skin of the grapes will be neatly decorated with little, black dots and be of a yellowish colour that may or may not still be influenced by the acid green of summer. That’s the reason for the yellow Tange-Gerard label.

Nothing puts more value to the special moments of your life than champagne. The Blanc de Blancs is a great choice for an aperitif and an excellent match with seafood or white fishes, raw or cooked.

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Download the fact sheet and read more about the vintage, the vinification and how to serve.

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